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What does that mean?


We do the work for you. Our low risk, fractionalized, outsourced, cost-share model allows you to utilize our team of fully equipped, experienced, sales, marketing, and business development specialists to generate leads, win customers you’ll love, and increase your top and bottom line.


Think of us as the Navy SEALS of sales and business development. We come in fast, we get things done, we deliver results, and then we move on to our next assignment.


Did you know there are 28 million companies based in the United States; only 4 percent will ever break through the $1 million mark in revenue. 1 in 10 of those will hit $10m in revenue. Our sweet spot is the 4 percent, those companies that are ready to scale their businesses (and achieve the 0.4 percent level) but need a turbo boost.


So whether you are leveraging our unique experiences in partnering with organizations that serve the church, or the no-less important and equally gnarly world of corporate America, startups and everywhere in between, we bring the same sense of passion, rigor and success to every engagement, no matter the client.


We understand that not many businesses have or can afford a fully-loaded sales, marketing, and business development guru or team. That’s where we come in. We deploy our teams, create momentum, and get results.


Who uses us?


Businesses that want a fully focused point person for sales and business development to augment their team.


Businesses that are ready to grow, scale, and increase market share through customer acquisition.


Businesses that need a quick sales boost or focused sales team for a specific product or service.


Here’s why. Most businesses that are in our sweet spot have yet to experience hyper-growth (10x annual growth in less than five quarters). Our team has experience leading hyper-growth businesses. We know what “fast” feels like.


Faster speed to market means faster ramp to revenue for your business which translates into less cash outlay and greater ROI.

Red Letter Development Team


Chief Executive Officer

Tim is a growth leader with a history of building big business and the people to run them. As president of eChurch and SVP Business Development for Pushpay Holdings, Tim built the US group from ten to more than 100 people, scaled revenue from $1 million to $10 million in fewer than four quarters, and increased market cap from $50 million to more than $400 million in less than 15 months—making Pushpay one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world.


Chief Marketing Officer

Sean is a master connector and known as an innovator and leading marketing and technology executive with multi-industry global success. He brings together his love for emerging technologies, growth strategy, and the thrill of helping people reach their full potential. Sean has a history of being successful in shaping and executing long-range vision and strategy, and aligning organizations to create value-focused digital strategies across multiple industries. He has and continues to develop and delivered ROI based strategies for numerous companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100.


 Sr. Strategy Advisor

Josh is a conduit. A strategist. An admirer of well-crafted experiences. Whether leading pitch teams for various digital initiatives, helping clients understand the best ways to embrace a design-driven technology process to solve problems, his overarching goal is to see human beings succeed in this life. He gets great satisfaction from playing even just a tiny part in other’s successes, and it’s this overarching desire that keeps him motivated every day.


Director, Client Services

Brandon is the crème de la crème of today’s workforce. A rising leader for the past four years with Berkshire Communities, the Property Management Division of Berkshire Group, Brandon has navigated the ranks from a marketing and sales consultant to leasing director responsible for a premier thirty-one story property in downtown Seattle. His background has centered on sales and marketing strategies, recruiting top shelf talent, leading teams, winning customers, and setting records along the way.


VP, Sales & Acquisitions

Paul is a next-gen sales leader who is deeply interested and invested in the people he leads. In the past five years, he has earned a reputation as a sales leader extraordinaire. He has an extensive sales background in technology, service, and wholesale spaces with a proven track record of doing more than exceeding quota… he sets records. He is the go-to person for implementing new sales strategies, sales training, and building solid teams.


Head of Finance

 With fifteen years of law enforcement and business management experience, Mark has the right skillset and temperament for leading a rapidly growing business.


Head of Admin

 If details are involved, Joy is likely in the middle of them. She loves anticipation. People depend on her to think ahead… to implement smarter, smoother ways of doing life and business. She has a need for “productivity” which makes check marks on her to-do lists a highlight of her day. She doesn’t know it yet, but her role will be expanding into Client Success + Happiness before too long.


Sr. IT Advisor

 The Webmaster! Ryan is a web designer and web maintenance guru who has discovered that this industry needs more reliable and trustworthy people. By just doing something as simple as treating people with respect, building relationships, and holding yourself to deadlines, and doing top shelf work, you will gain clients for life.


Sr. Content Advisor

Ivy is an experienced communications professional, with strong writing and market research background. Excellent communication and leadership skills, and experienced in writing for a variety of audiences in varying styles.


Millennials Advisor

 Paul specializes in helping organizations attract, develop, and retain Millennials through his proprietary consulting process “Millennial Mapping.” He is also a national keynote speaker and trainer, best-selling author, and contributes to publications such as Business Insider and EntreLeadership. With a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, he has worked with companies such as Intel Security, Wells Fargo, etc.



Heaslip_1Tim Abare was instrumental in helping our company grow from a dozen employees to almost 100 and from $1 million to $10 million in revenue. Chris Heaslip, CEO & Co-founder Pushpay Holdings


ScottTim and his team combine creativity with a unparalleled gift of execution that drive uncommon results. Scott Boss, President, Real Impact Missions


Doug_ParksAny organization would be blessed to have Tim in the point leadership position pushing for growth. Doug Parks, Founder, Intentional Churches

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