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About Us


Vision: Change the way new business gets done.
Mission: Maintain 8+ Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Purpose: Develop people, grow companies, & honor God

Brand Promise

We will do what we say we will do


If we fail on our brand promise,
we will do everything possible to make things right

Building Businesses & Having Fun


Red Letter was started with the idea that when you connect people who care with companies that matter, something pretty special can happen. We not only think big, we back it up with people who have delivered big – and we have fun doing it! Your dreams become real as we help you achieve your audacious growth goals, all the while developing the next generation of transformational marketplace leaders.

Lots of companies are hardcore product, hardcore services, or a mix of the two. We’re hardcore customer!

Why We’re Red Letter


Red Letter Development is about helping you achieve “red letter” days in your organization’s growth in ways that honor and glorify the “red letters” of God. We want to use the talents, gifts, resources and connections we’ve been entrusted with to help you experience tremendous results and help connect with customers you’ll love. We want you to have many, many “red letter” days in your business and with your customers.

Become an industry leader

“There are roughly 28 million firms in the US, of which only 4% ever reach more than $1 million in revenue. Of those firms, only about one out of 10, or 0.4% of all companies, ever make it to $10 million…” – Verne Harnish


Customers you will love are waiting to hear from you.
We’ll take you there. Are you ready?

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